A network of professionals at your service

Local expertise

Directing you towards good spokespeople, advising you in venue choice to suit your image, putting you in contact with event professionals... We give you access to this many skills in order to create a successful event with and for you.

The Saint-Malo Baie du Mont-Saint-Michel Destination also acts to build a support programme with you and invites you to play with extra time before or after your event.

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A qualified and engaged welcome chain

[Accueillir] with the smile and passion of the coast. A flagship destination for business tourism, Saint-Malo and its Bay have a quality offer in terms of both accommodation and leisure activities. Business Tourism professionals advise and guide you throughout the whole of your stay.

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[Dynamiser] to always be offered more solutions. Saint-Malo Baie du Mont-Saint-Michel engages in, constructs, improves, organises, broadcasts and widens its influence every year.

A land of events and excellence

[Organiser] always more trips, events, and all-inclusive stays to cater to every wish. Through their services or expertise, local professionals tailor their offers to your ideas and desires. From a Zen and relaxing stay to a week of sports, the diversity of the area means anything is possible.

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[Conseiller] it’s the first role of the Saint-Malo Baie du Mont-Saint-Michel Destination and Tourism professionals. A unique stay must be organised, because every business has its own image. We cater to you as well as possible, in accordance with your wishes.

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[Anticiper] to plan your arrival and prepare your stay throughout the year. Through the organisation of events, the expansion of our hotel complex, the increase of our partnerships and the provision of reception and seminar rooms for exceptional situations.