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Make an appointment with a local, he will make you discover his favorite places during a friendly walk!

in Saint-Malo

Our Greeters

Are you looking for an unexpected view of the city? An enriching encounter?

We offer you an authentic moment with a city resident. A “local” who knows the place like the back of his hand and offers you an informal stroll, according to his tastes and yours.

  • Listen to his advice,
  • Take advantage of his address book
  • and above all, learn about local life and habits.
  • A moment just for you, informative, relaxed and friendly.

We’ll be in charge of arranging your stroll with the greeter. Make an appointment now, here!

Our advice…

Make your request, 8 days before your arrival!

  • Greeters welcome up to 6 people maximum (not allowed for groups).
  • Our greeters are not tour guides! Far from the register of the guided tour, they welcome you “as friends”. It is mostly a human encounter.
  • The guided tours are provided by professional guides.
  • Our greeters gladly welcome people with disabilities. When registering, simply mention it.

The Greeters' Charter