The Abgrall Mystery

Free XXL open air treasure hunt

The first French treasure hunt on a regional scale, the Abgrall Mystery is now spread over 16 Breton towns. Combourg, our Petites Cités de Caractères® is part of it this year.

Help us to

pierce the secret!

Erwann Abgrall, an eccentric explorer with a colossal fortune has passed away… without an heir.

His notary calls for help, you are his last resort to unravel the mystery: “The only lead you have is his notebook with all his scribbled notes and incomprehensible annotations…”Follow in the footsteps of this curious character to solve the riddles and help solve this life-size investigation. A breathtaking adventure and a unique experience in the heart of Combourg.

How to play?


Download and print your surveyor kit at:; also download below:


Go to in Combourg to start the survey. You can also borrow the surveyor kit on site from the Tourist Information Office.

Find our opening hours.


Get a paper and pencil for a better gaming experience.


Your survey will last at least 2 hours. It can be extended to the day.


You played with the investigator kit borrowed from the Combourg Tourist Information Office? Don’t forget to return it.


Go to to check your answers and collect new information.