V.I.T. - Your Tourist Information
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V.I.T. – Your Tourist Information

Update your information

The V.I.T. Extranet allows you to update your information whenever you want, so your data will be up to date throughout the year.

Thanks to the V.I.T,

you become the master of the game!

You evolve in total autonomy and can control yourself, the information present on your card. This tool is a personalized access that will allow you to take control to update your information on your forms of our website directly according to your needs and throughout the year.the tourist office is evolving its interface, the update of your member form is now done via Tourinsoft. For all changes, simply click on this link, here, then fill in your login, your password and select the region Brittany.NB: your login and password were sent to you by e-mail

Here is a


How to log in to your space and update your member record on our website

This 20-minute tutorial walks you through the process step-by-step.

Do you have any questions?

Contact the Partnership Unit

Your modification requests will be taken into account within 72 hours.If you have a connection problem or have lost your codes contactthe Partnership Center at 02 99 56 64 68 or by email here.