Meet our greeters

Greeters of Saint-Malo

For your visit to Saint-Malo, why not make an appointment with a Greeter and discover the city from a different angle. Our volunteer ambassadors will introduce you to the Corsair City in their own special way, with blowtorches and pliers.

We will be happy to take care of organising your appointment with the greeter. You will need to book eight days in advance to be sure of having a greeter available for you when you arrive in Saint-Malo.

Greeters are all volunteers, and most have jobs besides. This means they may not always be available - we will try to respond to your requests as much as possible, but this will depend on times and dates.

Greeter tours are limited to 6 people, and are not available for group bookings.



The corners and niches of Saint-Malo

I was born in Saint-Malo, within the city walls. I've been a sailor for 18 years and have been around the world many times as a manager at the port of Saint-Malo in a marine electronics company. With me, you'll discover all the hidden corners of Saint-Malo, the charming and unusual streets of the city. I adore my town and helping people to get to know it batter.

"Oh how fondly I remember the beautiful country of my birth," as Chateaubriand put it.



A walk around the military heritage of the town

Born in Saint-Malo, I have just completed a long career as an officer in the army. My knowledge of the city and all the stories of the various battles of Saint-Malo are second to none. I know all about the fortifications, the defences and the Atlantic Wall, all set up against the foreign invader. Mip.

From Alet to the Pointe de la Varde, I propose to take you on a route march around the town's military heritage. By the leeeeeft......



Local knowledge

My name is Ludovic, I'm 30 years old and I've lived in Saint-Malo since 2008. I'm studying a university degree in tourism and I'm member of a society for the protection of nature and small animals. Having a good knowledge of Saint-Malo's markets and local producers, I will be delighted to introduce you to the regional and local produce of Saint-Malo, on a walk around our local market places. It will be a pleasure for me, at least, to talk at you for hours about the fascinating topics of biodiversity, local vegetables and sustainable development. 



Shopping and food

When I was little, I came to spend my holidays in Saint-Malo. Now I live here and I know all the best places for some serious shopping. Along the way we can stop to try some delicious Breton specialities. let's go girls!

Smiling, dynamic and with a great sense of humour, let me show you round my city, so dear to my heart.



Tales of Saint-Malo

I'm like one of the old stones of the Corsair City! Born in Saint-Malo, I have always lived here, and nothing gives me greater pleasure than walking around telling the tales of Saint-Malo, old and new.

"I know nothing more beautiful than the bay of Saint-Malo," JB Charcot.