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Saint-Malo - an invitation to maritime horizons

To visit Saint-Malo is to open a page of history that reveals itself at every corner of the walled city: ramparts, monuments and shipowners' houses, forts and bastions all testify to a glorious past. From the peninsula of the village of Alet in the East to the Beach of Le Havre in the West, the panorama offered by the Bay of Saint-Malo is a window onto the past...

The City of Saint-Malo is committed to improving the daily life of people with disabilities. Given the architectural constraints imposed on the historic city this is a particular challenge, but one we engage with enthusiastically.

Improvements are constantly being added, from footbridge ramps on the ramparts, lowered pavements, special crossings, adapted roads and transport.

Access to the ramparts

The complete tour of the ramparts is 1.75 km long. Ramps allow you to avoid the stairs in every tower and gate of the city.


Two ramps allow safe access to the ramparts, and two different tour routes allow you to enjoy the most beautiful views of the Bay of Saint-Malo and explore the ramparts in their entirety.

  • The first access point is at the Bastion de la Hollande, by the Moulin Colin towards the Porte Saint-Thomas at the east end of the ramparts. Approximately 800 meters long, the a round trip is 1.6 km.
  • The second access point is at the Bastion St Philippe towards the Porte Saint-Vincent located in the South-East: About 750 meters of accessible path gives a 1.5 km round trip.

In both cases it is necessary to return to the ramp by which you entered.

Tours inside the city walls

The historical route in the old 'Intra-muros' city adapted to the constraints imposed by the historical architecture allows you visit the Corsair City. Of course the character of the city (ramparts, cobblestones, narrow streets) does not always make it easy for people with disabilities to discover every last corner of the old town. We recommend that people with motor disabilities, should be accompanied.

A map showing the most accessible routes will allow you to discover a great deal of the architectural, historical and cultural heritage of Saint-Malo.

Alongside the tour we propose, you'll find 150 information points around the old town. 42 information panels and terminals have stories and illustrations of Old Saint-Malo.

Visit on the ramparts: FOLLOW THE GUIDE!

Our itinerary "Follow the guide" on the ramparts is available in two versions for people who are visually impaired or blind:

  • Ten booklets in Braille are available at the Tourist Office for a deposit (30 €)
  • Ten booklets with large writing are available at the Tourist Office for a deposit (30 €)

In addition, we have a large relief map of the old town that will allow you to get a sense of the layout of the old town, the ramparts and the surrounding area to allow you to fully enjoy your visit to the Corsair City.


Museums and monuments

House of the Corsair
Manor house belonging to an 18th century shipowner and corsair, classified as a Historical Monument. Visit the furnished apartments and climb the secret staircases!

The Ėtoile du Roy,
Corsair frigate Visit the replica of a Saint-Malo corsair frigate from 1745!

Fort National
Historic monument built by Sebastien Vauban and his chief engineer Garangeau to ensure the protection of Saint-Malo. Located out to sea, it is only accessible at low tide.

Grand Aquarium – Saint Malo
An unforgettable adventure in the most beautiful underwater landscapes of the world!

Puits Sauvage manor house
Home of corsairs and shipowners.

La Mansarde
Guided tour of the House of the Congregation of the Little Sisters of the Poor, founded by Saint Jeanne Jugan in 1839.

Memorial 1939/1945 (Blockhaus)
Located in the German anti-aircraft defence bunker, 500 m² spread over 3 levels

History Museum
History and stories of Saint-Malo Country. Numerous collections gathered together in a magnificent exhibition.

Jacques Cartier Museum​
The museum of Jacques Cartier, discoverer of Canada. Accessible.

Museum of Cape Horn
Dedicated to long-haul sea journeys of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Guided tours

Guided tours of teh old town and other parts of Saint-Malo, adapted to all types of disability and none:

  • Claire fontaine
  • Emeraude Guides

Guided tours:


Excursions out to sea and on the river Rance

Compagnie Corsaire

Excursions, guided tours and boat trips suitable for disabled people under certain weather conditions.

Mobile Apps

Discover Saint-Malo, the history of the Corsair City, its ramparts and its heritage! With the application 'Saint Malo Tour', you can find addresses of restaurants, places to go out and accommodation listed by the Tourist Office of Saint-Malo. In one click, call your selected establishment, send an e-mail or a text message and Google Maps will take you there!

The mobile application for visiting Saint-Malo in a different way... Discover Saint-Malo with your smartphone! The corsair city, the castle, the National Fort, the Grand Bé, the Petit Bé, the City of Alet, Saint-Malo maritime, the reconstruction of St Malo, the Dam on the Rance ... You'll know instantly the distance that separates you from where you want to go, and by pressing the buttons, you'll be able to listen to, or see, the information related to each site ...

These 2 applications are offered free to download from Android market and the App Store.