A gourmet boat trip in the bay of Mont Saint Michel

On board the 'Ausquémé,' a maritime heritage boat

A delight for all five senses, brought to you by two chefs with a passion for their art

A three-star ship!

Welcome aboard the Ausquémé, a boat crewed by an experienced sailor with a passion for cooking, who learned his art on some of the most prestigious boats afloat, and a professional chef with a love of the sea and sailing, Olivier Roellinger.


Boat trip and dinner

Departing from Cancale, these two gastronauts of the high seas take us on a unique journey between spices from far away places and fresh local produce, all while sailing with a sequence of beautiful views - a truly unique moment. At lunch time or in the evening for dinner, this is a moment for all five senses to live the high life!


Stories of sailing and of cooking

Sailing for some of the more hidden places in the bay, behind the Rock of Cancale and the island of Rimains where the currents and the winds guide your delightful vessel, built in 1942 for working on the oyster beds in the Gulf of Morbihan. While tacking and running with the wind, Jerome your skipper will tell you the stories of the region. Afterwards, Emmanuel will entertain you on the piano, to the full extent of his creativity.


The lobster - the pièce de résistance

The magnificent products on board represent the best of the region. A little pepper from © Poivre des Mondes brings out all the succulent flavours of freshly opened local oysters. Fresh local vegetables are brought to life with a hint of spice. The lobster, caught this morning, changes colour before your eyes on the plancha installed on the deck. The symphony ends with a fanfare of desserts.

As the port of La Houle drifts away, and you sail to the Pointe du Grouin enjoy your meal to the full before returning to the beach at Port-Mer.