Château de Beaufort

From the feudal castle to the monastery of Beaufort, a history in stone in a natural environment of water and wood

A spiritual walk

A tower at the clash-point of regional rivalries

In the hinterlands of Saint-Malo country, located in the municipality of  Plerguer, the stronghold of Beaufort bears witness to the ongoing rivalry between Brittany and Normandy that had been raging since the 11th century? The fort changed hands many times, a symbol of the side in the ascendancy.

From the feudal castle to the Beaufort monastery

The name is highly descriptive Beaufort, the beautiful fort. On the borders of the country of Saint-Malo, on the heights overlooking the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, three different castles were built in succession, starting in the 12th century. A motte and bailey was succeeded by the 16-17th century chateau fortress, and finally a manor house, which will became the current Chateau de Beaufort.

An environment of stone, woods and water

Today, a convent of Dominican nuns live here, having arrived in 1963 in search of a haven of peace in this privileged environment by the lake in the middle of a forest. The site also gave its name to the Beaufort water company which manages the water supply to Saint-Malo and the surrounding area.

A life of work and contemplation

Through their work, the nuns have created a place dedicated to prayer and meditation, reviving the long history of the chateau. In a landscape surrounded by greenery and water, prayer times are accompanied by the dynamic sound of the kora, a harp from Senegal. Work and crafts give meaning to their days. They share their life and welcome people on religious retreats in an ideal setting for recharging the spiritual batteries.


Walks and rides around the lakes and waterways

In the immediate vicinity of the convent, there are some beautiful walks and bicycle rides arounde Plerguer, Le Tronchet and the nearby forest of Mesnil. The trails between the lakes of Beaufort and Mireloup are particularly beautiful.