Getting to know the dolphins

Flipper the dolphin, what's that you say? You want us to follow you?

Flipper and his friends live right here, along our shores!

There are nearly 400 dolphins in the bay, the largest population of bottlenose dolphins in Europe. Their playground is the bay of Mont Saint-Michel, which at 550 square kilometres is twice the size of Paris! They are attracted by the large biodiversity of food species in the bay.

An unforgettable experience

Put your life jacket on for a ride on a semi-inflatable dinghy from Port-Mer beach in the emerald bay, where the shadow of Mont Saint-Michel lies on the horizon.

Gaël and Morgane, a naturalist a and marine biologist from the Al Lark Association will lead you through a magical moment.


As you travel across the bay, keep your eyes peeled, binoculars at the ready until you see the unmistakeable sign of a fin breaking the surface.

"The dolphins can travel 100 km a day, they were reported to us this morning

off the Chausey Islands, an archipelago classified in the Natura 2000 inventory, where 52 islands become 365 islands when the tide goes out!

Gael tells us that bottlenose dolphins are not the peaceful beings that the adventures of Flipper have long led us to believe.

"You only have to see the notches on their dorsal fins to see how hardy their lives are. Our mission is to count them, identify them by photographing their fins in question, locate them, and better understand their way of life."

Gaël, Co-founder of the Al Lark association

Turn to port!

Suddenly in the distance on the left, one, two, three animals! Approach quietly so as not to disturb them. There seem to be at least ten dolphins! A whole colony, perhaps with young. Suddenly, as if by magic, two dolphins leap into the air before plunging into the turquoise and transparent water. What power and what beauty to see them swimming in total freedom!

A wish come true....

As the pod slowly moves away from the boat towards new horizons, we return to Port Mer with all the astonishment of a child!