Quelmer boat graveyard

Old boats, sailing into the sunset of history

A site to discover during a beautiful walk along the banks of the river Rance

Old boats have their cemetery too!

What more beautiful homage to the memory of this country of sailors and their boats than this final resting place hidden in a small cove of the Rance, downstream of the dam where so many boats were built when the shipyards were the pride of the valley.

A history of shipping that continues today

With more than a nod to the region's history, a shipyard restarted a few months ago in Quelmer cove.

Old hulls, aged by the sea and looking sadly on at the renovated Landriais yard on the other side of the river, where sleeker boats come for repairs and set sail anew.


A place for artistic inspiration

Painters from the region have been invited in recent years to show off their talents by painting the decaying boat hulls. Kalvez, a local artist from nearby Cancale has painted a fresco called “La Belle Endormie” (Sleeping Beauty) on one of them. As the tide ebbs, the gaunt flanks of the old boats are revealed, some with only the remains of their skeletons intact.

A walk around the maritime past of La Rance

The Anse de Quelmer cove is located on a 7.5 km pedestrian walk that takes you from Troctin to Saint-Elier, further south.

This walk passes by La Passagère, the neighbouring village, which still has smuggler's houses from the time when a secret ferry connected the two banks of the Rance by night...