Treasure n°1

Saint-Malo - Le Bijou Corsaire

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A rock in the middle of the water Saint-Malo, open up!

Behind its historic gates, the city invites you to discover a life-size jewelry box.

Here everything shines like the reflections of the sun on the sea. History, emotion, strolling, fill your memory with precious memories.You will discover the unique history of the city with its glorious legends, from Jacques Cartier to Robert Surcouf. Live every second to the fullest because in Saint-Malo, every alley, every tower, every monument, every beach, promises precious memories that will remain etched in your mind.

A well-protected treasure

Enclosed by its ramparts, Saint-Malo conceals a thousand treasures. You’ll discover them as you stroll at your own pace through its irresistibly charming alleys. First step: go through its doors.

You enter here the most corsair of the Malouin districts. Enclosed in their ramparts, the numerous inhabitants, shipowners, sailors or craftsmen, all were turned towards the sea. A maritime city, therefore, with a strong independent spirit. Republic during 4 years (1590 – 1594), Saint-Malo remained faithful to its motto: ‘Neither French, nor Breton, Malouin suis! From the Bastion Saint-Louis to the Fort à la Reine, the stroll is full of nice surprises. If you arrive by the Saint-Vincent Gate, you will be welcomed by the Castle: first precious stones on your way. Its 4 corner towers and its dungeon now house the Town Hall. A little further up the streets, you will come face to face with another jewel: the Saint-Vincent Cathedral. Its Angevin-style vaults, its cloister and its gothic choir built in the 12th century are admirable. The tombs of Jacques Cartier and Duguay-Trouin lie there.

A jewel surrounded by bastions

Any treasure attracts covetousness, and this corsair jewel has triggered memorable battles against its enemies, often from England. The bay was fortified as early as the 17th century thanks to Garangeau who built, according to Vauban’s plans, the 4 forts built on islets: the Conchée, the Fort National, the Fort du Petit Bé and the Fort Harbour. Further out to sea, the island of Cézembre also formed a bastion. To admire this panorama, go on foot, at low tide, to the islet of Grand Bé where the writer François-René de Chateaubriand is buried. The view is breathtaking.