The "Marais Blanc" by bike

On the bay, between the land and the sea

An authentic encounter in the bay of Mont Saint Michel

Cycling in the Marais Blanc

The pure pleasure of cycling

A beautiful ride of 20 km - a perfect day out.

You won't see the miles fly past, firstly because it's totally flat, but mainly because the view simply overwhelms you all the way. The Marais Blanc, the biez channels, the greenway, Mont Saint Michel, a wild mix of experiences...

Saddle up!


A country where anything grows!

The Marais Blanc is the dry part of the marshlands located behind the Duchess Anne dyke, the sea wall that has stopped the sea encroaching since the Middle Ages.

A light-coloured soil, rich in calcium where absolutely anything will grow propitiously! Cauliflowers, potatoes, all kinds of root vegetables and lots more exotic fayre besides. Everywhere you look is a cornucopia of good vegetables all year round. Direct sales at unbelievable prices from local producers.


Small stone bridges and locks along the biez channels and canals

In the southern part of the Marais Blanc, you can walk along the Biez du Milieu, a canal that drains the marsh, below sea level, with its typical landscapes of reed beds and diverse wildlife.

An ingenious system of sluices and diversion channels allows the management of water levels, under the expertise of the Syndicate des Digues et Marais.


Back on the greenway, where the cyclist is king

On the sea side of the dyke, take the air between the Moulin de la Ville Es Brune and the small town of Hirel, where you can try your hand at sand yachting. Lock up bike and take to the sand - it's easier than you might think!

The Bay of Mont Saint-Michel, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Enjoy the exceptional views in all directions.