Treasure #8Saint-Suliac & The Jewels of the Rance
©alamoureux Vue Aérienne Saint Suliac (39)©alamoureux Vue Aérienne Saint Suliac (39)
©©alamoureux Vue Aérienne Saint Suliac (39)|alexandre lamoureux
The undulating alchemy!

Saint-Suliac & Les Joyaux de la Rance

The Rance Valley is a real treasure map that will surprise you every time. From Saint-Malo, go up the estuary by stopping at Saint-Suliac, classified among the Most Beautiful Villages of France®. Discover the tide mills, the Viking Camp, the dories, the boats of the Terre-Neuvas… Your route will be set with simple emotions and picturesque encounters. All these jewels are to be discovered on foot, by bicycle, on horseback or by boat, at your own pace, these treasures will not disappear. We care about them, we preserve them.

Sea and River

The Valley of Wonders

Vary the pleasures and multiply the discoveries by exploring an estuary that unites land, sea and river in its bed.For the seasoned treasure seeker, the Rance is a rare and coveted jewel. The raw majesty of the place will definitely awaken the explorer in you. The richness of the landscapes, the places and the emotions, offers to everyone the possibility to live a unique experience. The trails along the river offer wonderful views while keeping your feet on the ground. You can navigate the river at your own pace: on foot, by bicycle, on the water or on horseback. We can’t recommend enough a trip in the early morning or at the end of the day to see the sun playing the impressionist painter. Classified as a Natura 2000 site, the Rance valley is a work of goldsmith. Its fresh and salt waters mix to form hues ranging from sapphire blue to emerald green. The valley will also delight you with its stories and monuments. A history inspired by the sea: first, that of the powerful tides that supply energy to the Rance tidal power plant and the old tide mills. It is also the sea that has shaped the destiny of sailors who left from this estuary to fish for cod off the coast of Canada. Saint-Suliac, classified among the Most Beautiful Villages of France®, is the stronghold of these legendary heroes. Come and stroll through its narrow streets with facades decorated with sailors’ nets, so narrow that they are called “ruettes”. Along its hundred kilometers, the Rance river shelters a fabulous heritage, like the beautiful Malouinières, imposing shipowners’ houses. Now it’s up to you to go on a treasure hunt to discover them!

The Built Jewels

Machines to go back in time

Since ever, the Rance peacefully cradles the hearts of women and men attached to this land, erasing the hours and centuries. Here there is no hurry, in a thousand years, nature will still be here, as powerful and preserved. There are even strange machines to go back in time: the tide mills. The one in Saint-Jouan-des-Guérets, the Moulin de Quinard, has an immediate effect. As soon as you discover it, you are transported to the 19th century. You are riding in the mist, in the middle of a novel. In Saint-Suliac, the Beauchet Tide Mill starts the journey again. You can now take your phone back quietly, admire your photos, you are well in 2022 with jewels full of head!

All our desires

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