Stage Saint-Malo / Dol-de-BretagneMy Tro Breizh
Cathedrale Saint Samson Dol De Bretagne Alexandre Lamoureux 988Cathedrale Saint Samson Dol De Bretagne Alexandre Lamoureux 988
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My Tro Breizh

My Tro Breizh® is the “Tour of Brittany” on foot on a 1500 km route linking the cathedrals of Brittany and Loire-Atlantique. In Ille-et-Vilaine, the Saint-Malo – Dol-de-Bretagne stage opened at the end of 2021 with a main itinerary of 55.6 km by the Sentier des Douaniers and the Mont-Dol and a variant of 43.3 km by the marshes and Lillemer.

Did you know?

The Tro Breizh® is this tour of Brittany that has been done on foot since the Middle Ages. In the past, pilgrims would set out 15 days before Easter, Pentecost, Saint Michael’s Day or even Christmas to complete this historic loop in one month… in the footsteps of the Seven Saints! Today, My Tro Breizh® is above all what each person will do, what each person will put into it.

Are you ready?

Between Saint-Malo and Dol-de-Bretagne you will put down your bag 115 times to admire 24 churches and chapels, 3 fountains, 2 wash houses, 8 calvaries, 12 forts and castles, 7 mills, 26 remarkable landscapes, 2 commemorative monuments, 1 megalith and 30 elements of the unclassifiable heritage as much as majestic…So many stages, stops, stopovers, objectives, to help you to give rhythm to your itinerary and make this loop unforgettable…

The Guide on sale

The local “Breizh ma Bro” guide is available for sale at the Saint-Malo Tourist Office and in the Tourist Information Offices of Cancale, Dol-de-Bretagne and Combourg, at a price of 17,90 €.