The forest of Mesnil

The original fairytale forest

Between lake Mireloup and the forest of Mesnil, on the forest trails...

Leave hustle and bustle of daily life just 20 km from Saint-Malo...

Close your eyes, open them again and here you are at the Pertuis aux Chevreuils in the forest of Mesnil, in the middle of 600 hectares of woods.


Get your compass out...

A number of different trails marked with specific signs are laid-out to lead you on a delightful walk or ride in the forest. Which one will you take?

The trees of Mesnil once went to Saint-Malo nearby for the construction of ships, when it was the most important port in France in the 17th century.

In olden times the wood requirements of the East India Company were immense... The famous corsair Robert Surcouf came to hunt and had a hunting lodge built in the forest.


A country of legends

I arrive at the end of the driveway, I find myself on the circuit of the nearby lake Mireloup.

I take the time to go around the rocky point, a few metres to my left. I pass in front of the stump of the devil's beech and discover the "rock of the devil."

I'm looking for the covered path to Tressé, a megalithic high place. A lucky sweep once told me that I would find the fairy house here... Too late, sun is setting, I'll have to come back again... other trails, other discoveries, other legends ... and maybe Ondine the water fairy one day!