Treasure n°2

Cancale & The Pearls of the Coast

Parcs A Huitres Cancale Alexandre Lamoureux 3002Parcs A Huitres Cancale Alexandre Lamoureux 3002
©Parcs A Huitres Cancale Alexandre Lamoureux 3002

Cancale and its port

Pearls to savor

Every treasure has its pleasures. In Cancale, a small picturesque Breton port anchored in the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, there are pearls that nourish the mind as much as the body.It is during low tides, when the sea withdraws into the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, that the richness of the place will be revealed to you: an oyster park unique in the world. It hugs the indented shapes of the coast from the Rocher de Cancale in the north to Saint-Benoît-des-Ondes in the south. This treasure is perpetuated by the passion of local oyster farmers, who love their job and are proud of their breeding, which is part of France’s Intangible Cultural Heritage. They are the guardians of a tasty oyster served in the greatest restaurants. But here, you can taste them as soon as they are fished at the oyster market, on the port of La Houle. To catch other pearls, put on your boots and go fishing on foot. The relief is a great playground for the discovery of the marine environment.Our advice: extend this beautiful day aboard the bisquine, La Cancalaise. Elegant and racy fishing sailboats to travel back in time. Bon appétit and good wind!

Entre Terre et Mer

All along the Emerald Coast, stops are necessary to enjoy an invigorating and rare landscape, between land and sea.

At Saint-Coulomb, gorse, broom, heather and honeysuckle spread their perfume in the air. You are immediately seized by the beauty of the place, like the writer Colette who spent her summers at the villa Roz-ven where she wrote Le Blé en Herbe. The beaches are wild, the dunes are sown with oyats. The Du Guesclin beach is one of the most beautiful pearls of this coast, but shhh! … do not repeat it. On the land side, architectural jewels are hidden: the Malouinières, these large shipowners’ houses that will dazzle you. They will charm you with their richly decorated interiors and their French gardens. A little further on, towards Saint-Méloir-des-Ondes, the fertile fields, full of the benefits of the sea, are the happiness of the market gardeners. Stop to do your shopping, the flavors of vegetables and fruits in season are incomparable. Your taste buds will thank you. This Emerald Coast is well named.