Take the time to do nothing...We take care of you!
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We take care of you!

An iodized land, akin to a refuge of disconnection to initiate you to a therapy, to exile the time of an escapade with as only leitmotivs “to awake its body” and to return to the essential…

Take the time to do nothing

To indulge in daydreaming, to laze in the sun, for a moment, for a day… Time stretches out and the body relaxes, the mind in pause but the senses awake.

Lying flat on the ground on my back on the sand, hat over my eyes, arms outstretched in a cross, I stayed a great hour and a half warming my rag in the sun doing the lizard. When I raised my head, the shore had disappeared. The tide, almost suddenly, had returned to cover it. And the boats, just now motionless, were now rising and floating again.Gustave Flaubert, Par les champs et par les grèves.

Nautical and seaside resort


With its eleven beautiful sandy beaches, swimming and playing on the 3 kilometer long Sillon beach is certainly the favorite activity of summer vacationers.

A “retreat” destination before its time

Listening to one’s body and mind, taking it easy, the desire to please oneself and to respect one’s well-being, not so recent notions!”The vogue for sea bathing appeared in Europe as early as the 19th century. Initially a winter resort to take advantage of the mild weather of the Breton coastline, sea bathing and the pleasures of the beach were developed.originating from across the Channel, seaside tourism emerged in Saint-Malo from the 1830s. The Sillon at the time was only dunes and windmills, before a certain Edouard Hébert built the first villas of Paramé. The infatuation of wealthy, English, Parisian and local clients for the benefits of iodized air and thalassotherapy transformed the former town of Paramé into a worldly resort, with its hotels, villas and casino!

Recharge your batteries in the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel

Do you dream of recharging your batteries at the seaside, for a few days or for a weekend? Joining the Destination Saint-Malo Baie du Mont-Saint-Michel will allow you to recharge your batteries.

Cancale, facing the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel

If Cancale is famous for its oysters, it is also famous for its beaches with discreet charms that are spread out all along the coast. The beaches of Port Briac, Port Picain, Port Mer to the south of the Pointe du Grouin and the beaches of Saussay, Verger and Petit Port to the west, will allow you to put down your beach towel and fan your toes! Note that on the beach of Port Mer, you will find the Nautical Center of Cancale with its activities and that in summer you will find concerts in “Les Mercredis de l’été”. And on the Anse du Verger, you will be able to discover the heritage of Cancale with the Chapelle du Verger and the site of Daules, with its customs guardhouse. You should know that all these beaches are accessible by the GR®34, so you will be able to stop for a dip in the emerald sea during your walk.After the beach, it is customary to enjoy a nice plate of Cancale oysters at the port de la Houle. In the evening, as well as during the day, it’s great to stroll around!

What could be more relaxing than a nature outing to watch birds?


At Cancale

Lovers of maritime landscapes will find their corner of paradise on the customs officers’ trail, at the Pointe du Grouin. From the point, you can observe the Landes Island, a protected ornithological reserve where one of the largest colonies of great cormorants in Brittany nests.Alongside a passionate naturalist and ornithological guide, you will be able to go and meet geese, peregrine falcons, pitchous warblers and many others…

In the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel

The Nature Reserve of La Bruyère located in the commune of La Fresnais is the ideal place to understand the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel. You will be able to observe many species of birds: herons, egrets and wild ducks.

Les Échappées Baie

The Pays de Dol and the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel is explored each year through about fifteen thematic appointments: “Polders and salt flats” hike, gourmet visit “at the farm” or even a treasure hunt on a bicycle…a program rich in discoveries.

The Sougeal Marsh

Over an area of 175 hectares, the Sougeal Marsh is a site of international importance with 60 species of birds, 8 species of amphibians listed, 360 species of flora, dragonflies and damselflies. Open from April to September, the House of the Marsh delivers the secrets of this Remarkable Area of Brittany.

Want to go green?

The “Forêt de Tressé”, known for its covered alley “La Roche aux fées” is a haven of peace where the sweet smell of the trees encourages the walker to get lost along its forest alleys… A sylvotherapy cure in the heart of the territory of our Destination! Contemplators will also appreciate the ancestral charm of the Tronchet Abbey located at the edge of the forest.

A walk in the forest!

We recommend a slow walk in the heart of the Mesnil forest, which will take you on a journey to the megalithic era. In the middle of this state forest, located around the village of Le Tronchet, stands the dolmen of the Maison des Fées. Did you know that the forest of Mesnil was once the property of Robert Surcouf, the famous privateer from Malouin? North of the village, enjoy a walk around the lake of Mireloup or the pond of Beaufort. This rural environment is conducive to the discovery of religious architectural heritage: the abbey of Notre-Dame de Beaufort or the abbey church and cloister of Notre-Dame du Tronchet.

A menhir with regenerative power

Located in Dol-de-Bretagne, the Champ Dolent was a place of worship reserved for megaliths. It is said that the menhir gives off positive waves: by kissing it or sticking your back to it, the stone would have the power to heal back pain.

Go on an adventure

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