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Pointe Du Grouin Cancale Simon Bourcier 7791Pointe Du Grouin Cancale Simon Bourcier 7791
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Between Saint-Malo & Cancale

The Pointe du Grouin

All the biodiversity to awaken the senses…

The final stage of the walk on the GR®34 between Saint-Malo and Cancale, the Pointe du Grouin marks the end of a natural and rocky journey traversed only on foot. It is by the hilly path of Saussaye that we reach the Pointe du Grouin. The most advanced rocky promontory of Ille et Vilaine, you will be able to observe on the left, the Cap Fréhel, and on the right, Granville and the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel. Looking towards the horizon, you can see two wonders: the Mont-Saint-Michel, 25 kilometers away, and the Chausey islands, further off shore.

Back on the rocky outcrop, several paths cross slopes decorated with lichens and wild flowers. With a nature guide, we learn to feel and appreciate simple things again. You will discover that the lighthouse keepers used the sea mallow, or that the fennel was originally a wild plant. Other plant species, such as yarrow, will prove to be formidable remedies. Before the end of the point, a restaurant will allow you to have a meal. In its wake, recognizable concrete blocks remind us of the strategic position of this place during the Second World War. In their walls, bats are sheltering…

L’île des Landes refuge for seabirds

If there are magical places, then the Landes Island is one of them. Inaccessible since it is surrounded by the sea and protected, the “locals” nickname it “the island of birds”.This biological reserve created by the association Bretagne Vivante (also called Society for the study and protection of nature in Brittany) hosts the largest colony of seabirds in Brittany. Only the members of the association go there once a year to count the species. However, it is quite possible to observe them from the Pointe du Grouin, located only 600 meters away. During the summer, the association welcomes visitors to raise awareness about the different species of birds. And speaking of birds, which species can be observed? The great cormorant is the most emblematic bird of the place. It shares the cliffs of the Ile des Landes with its cousin the crested cormorant or with tadorns of Belon, oystercatchers and herring gulls. Other specimens, even more marvelous, regularly pass between the point and the island of birds. Schools of bottlenose dolphins majestically emerge from the water for a moment and roam the bay. You wouldn’t believe it, but it is common between Cancale and Saint-Malo!


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