Welcome to the land of fairies!

Covered walkway in the Mesnil forest


Not far from the pond of Mireloup, on forest paths, you will make fabulous encounters … In the heart of the Mesnil forest is a place full of magic, a covered alley, a very inspiring megalithic site !

20 kilometers from Saint-Malo ...

Leave the daily routine behind

Close your eyes, open them …

You are at the place called the Pertuis aux chevreuils in the state forest of Mesnil, in the middle of 600 hectares of woods.

The compass in hand …

What path to take, to which circuit to go, that of the blue diamond, that of the oak leaf that sheds light on the resources of the forest.In the middle of this forest exploited, how many trees have joined Saint-Malo nearby to serve in the construction of ships when Saint-Malo was the first port of France in the 17th century.It was yesterday, it was the East India Company, the needs were immense … I am told that Robert Surcouf came to hunt and had a hunting lodge built not far from there.

Land of legends

I arrive at the end of the alley, I find myself on the circuit of the pond of Mireloup nearby.I take the time to go around the rocky point a few meters on my left. I pass in front of the stump of the devil’s beech and I discover the devil’s rock.

The covered alley of Tressé

In the forest of Mesnil, a magical site is discovered to you, after following small hiking trails.

The fairy house

Under this name hides a Neolithic monument of importance. It is a burial chamber of 14 meters long, 2.30 meters wide and 1.30 meters high, composed of 41 stones weighing between 5 and 40 tons, including 8 tables of covering from the nearby vicinity.The monument owes its name to one of the slabs of the burial chamber, whose 4 cylindrical engravings would represent two pairs of breasts. Two mysterious engravings that, according to specialists, suggest that the “mother goddess” was honored here.

Let yourself be overwhelmed by the beauty of the place, as well as by the spiritual force that emanates from these stones!

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