Treasure n°4Dol-de-Bretagne, the Radiant City
Cathedrale Saint Samson Dol De Bretagne Alexandre Lamoureux 988Cathedrale Saint Samson Dol De Bretagne Alexandre Lamoureux 988
©Cathedrale Saint Samson Dol De Bretagne Alexandre Lamoureux 988|alexandre lamoureux
Nuggets of character!

Dol-de-Bretagne La Cité Rayonnante

Here is a city that shines with a thousand sparkles

This “Petite Cité de Caractère®” will transport you to the time of the cathedrals, hang on tight! From the heights of Mont-Dol, expect to be overwhelmed by the 360° view: the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel and the marshes, and a few steps away, the prehistoric site of Lillemer and the Abbey of Tronchet.

Behind the granite, the light

Welcome to Dol La Mystérieuse. This title, you won’t see it written on any map, but make a note of it in a corner of your mind. Here is a real promise for the time traveler, the one who wants to go back through the streets and years of this Breton jewel, shrouded in stories and legends.For this stop, take the party to discover a myriad of monuments. Erected since the Neolithic period, the gigantic menhir of Champ Dolent, 9.30 meters high, will amaze you and will be the starting point of the historical treasures that await you in the ancient episcopal city of Dol, labeled Petite Cité de Caractère®. This city will charm you with its main street, its narrow streets and its half-timbered houses. Let yourself be caught up in its story by walking up the Grande Rue des Stuarts, named after the kings of Scotland and England, whose ancestor was a Dolois. You are in the heart of historical Brittany, where the chief Nominoë unified the Breton nation in the 9th century and gave it its power by erecting a church that would become a majestic cathedral: the Cathedral of Saint-Samson. A jewel at the same time rough, with its fortified North face, and full of finesse with a luminous and gothic architecture, hosting radiant and delicately chiseled stained glass windows. The large glass window, the oldest in Brittany, is a true masterpiece not to be missed. Protected by the ramparts, continue your visit in the direction of the Maison de La Grisardière, then the Maison des Petits Palets, the oldest Romanesque building in Brittany, splendid with its large arcades. We won’t say more… It’s up to you to discover the secrets of the place.

Le Mont-Dol

Diably imposing

This mound overlooking the marshes, at 65 meters high, has been a sacred and legendary land since prehistoric times, with a breathtaking panorama of the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel.At the foot of the village, the frescoes of the Church of St. Peter, dating back to the 12th and 15th centuries, testify to the sacred power that inhabits this granitic mount teeming with legend. It is said that the Devil built a huge palace on a rock (Mont Saint-Michel), and that, jealous, Saint Michael proposed to exchange it with a glass castle on top of Mont-Dol. The castle turned out to be made of ice and melted to form the pond. Today the Mont-Dol, a Paleolithic site, is also a place for climbing. The Notre-Dame Tower and a multi-centenary chestnut tree watch over the beauty of the place.

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